Strawberry Samples

Strawberry season is quickly approaching and now is the time for strawberry farmers to fertilize plants to give them a healthy boost to produce pretty, large berries. Strawberries grown on black plastic require intensive and precise fertilization, a formula that is best determined by collecting leaf and petiole samples and having them tested for nutrient content. The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ agronomists recommend collecting the first tissue samples when plants begin to flower and continuing to do so every two weeks throughout flowering and fruiting (approximately March 1 – May 30 in North Carolina).

Field Crops 2015

The final numbers are in for North Carolina crop production in 2015. Yields are down from recent years, and in some cases, even below the 10-year averages. Dry spring and summer conditions during critical stages of development and prolonged wet conditions later in the fall hit field crops hard. Most crops, therefore, dealt with major quality problems on top of reduced yields. Low commodity prices in 2015 only deepened the financial impact on row crop farms. Cotton yields, for example, averaged only 686 pounds per acre resulting in basically a 50 percent reduction in total lint production from 2014. With back to back years of cotton prices in the 60-65 cent range, many producers did well to break even, and many were not able to cover their variable costs, especially after quality discounts. Sweet potatoes were also impacted negatively by the weather, but not to the extent as some other crops. However, quality problems did surface due to soggy fields at harvest.
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Agriculture Prices

Damaged Soybeans Market

Cargill has made the decision to accept soybeans with 30 percent damage and higher at its Selma facility located at the Bailey Feed Mill. There will be a flat price paid for these “as is” for damage with other grade factors still to apply. This is for a limited time based on the ability to get these beans in to a commercially suited market. Please contact your local elevator to find out more details around this program.

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