Progress stalls after July 4 break

State legislative issues left pending at the July 4 break were not resolved when lawmakers returned to work last week. Although legislative leaders talked about taking a vote to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto, the vote didn’t happen and state government continues to operate under a continuing resolution. Negotiations continue between the House, the Senate and Cooper, and it remains to be seen if a veto override vote will happen, or if a compromise among all parties will be reached.

Debate continued over smokeable hemp in SB 315, the N.C. Farm Act of 2019, last week, with no action taken on the bill. The bill was heard in the House Finance Committee Thursday and is expected to be back up for discussion there later this week. Lawmakers can’t agree on whether or not to ban smokeable hemp, and if so, when.

Finally, a bill filed in the Senate Thursday would give legislators about a month at home later this summer. SB 688, Adjourn 2019 Session to Date Certain, would adjourn the legislature on July 22 and schedule their return for Aug. 27. Those dates will likely be negotiated with the House, but the bill filing indicates that legislators are ready to take a break.